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Outdoor Activities Fort Lauderdale

Outdoor Activities Fort Lauderdale

Segway Tours

One of the best outdoor activities Fort Lauderdale has to offer are the Segway tours. This might just be the highlight of your vacation. Even though South Florida can get to be pretty hot at times, there is no better feeling than catching a breeze while riding your Segway, effortlessly. Requiring no physical exercise, balance, coordination, or expertise, all it takes is a little bit of a lean going forward to move or shifting your body motion back to stop. Our expert tour guides provide personal service starting with a lesson and then leading to 5 or 10 miles of riding along the city’s finest areas. The best part about choosing Segway Fort Lauderdale is not to be bombarded with pointless information. We customize it to your preference, meaning we make it more or less informative to how you would like it, and we go fast or slow (your choice) depending on the areas we are passing through. Segway’s are safer and easier than you might think. People in their 80’s and even 90’s can be seen enjoying them. We operate every day of the week by reservation, have the best prices in all of Broward County, and it’s great for couples and families of all ages. To book a tour, visit Segway Fort Lauderdale!

Beachfront Activities

Many outdoor activities Fort Lauderdale can be found in the 23 miles of beachfront. Most of the beaches are within easy reach of hotels and restaurants. They begin at the very popular “Beach Place” and continue down south with jet-ski rentals, fishing charters, and parasailing, leading to the family oriented Hollywood Beach where you can bicycle, jog or stroll along the two and a half mile boardwalk. In between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Beach is John U. Lloyd State Park where you can canoe, fish, walk the jetty, or recline and watch the cruise ships enter and leave from Port Everglades, which is the third largest cruise port in the world!

Paddle Boarding

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Well paddle boarding is pretty much the closest you’ll come to it! Requiring more balance than you might think, this activity is best suited for the young and fit. Yes, people in their 50’s and 60’s do this, but it does require patients. We definitely recommend taking a lesson first, and after 10-15 minutes we are sure you will be a pro! There are many areas along the Fort Lauderdale area where paddle boarding makes a great time in the hot sun!

Nature Preserves

Some of the best outdoor activities Fort Lauderdale has are the string of excellent nature preserves including Crystal Lake Pine Scrub, Helen Klein Pineland Preserve, and Hillsboro Pineland. They provide a unique chance to observe rare species of sand pines, lichens, moss, and many semi-endangered plants. Highlands Scrub includes an 1,800 foot ADA compliant nature trail with interpretive signs to help identify rare plants, along with benches to enjoy them from, and shelters if it gets to windy. The Helen Klein Pineland Preserve is a great place to observe Florida brown snakes, spotted skunks, and pleated woodpeckers. The 101-acre Pine Island Ridge Preserve houses the Great Florida Birding Trail. If that is too much walking for you, than you may want to consider the Segway tour or Riverfront Cruises Intracoastal Waterway Tour, which navigates through the set of interesting canals that earned the nickname “The Venice Of America”.

Water Taxi

Think of it as a trolley on the water. Get on and off where you’d like for 1 all day price. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along Fort Lauderdale’s most famous waterways. Come to the beach, shop, and dine at their cruise and saves partners. Water taxi is the best way to enjoy the Venice of America!


If you have some little ones with you, consider the Fort Lauderdale Funderdome. To change things up, it has 9,000 square feet of indoor activities for children and adults. The climbing wall is only the beginning of it. A 30-foot high multilevel playground has 20 different obstacles and a variety of slides, mazes, and sliding tubes. Bring an extra pair of socks to play in and check the internet for hot deals!

Riverfront Cruises

For a nice look at the way the other half lives and a bit of Fort Lauderdale history, take the tour from Riverfront Cruises. This custom built catamaran has taken thousands of people through the New River and passes a string of eye-popping waterfront homes including the historic Stranahan House and the site of the 1836 Cooley family massacre. The best part about this tour is that there is a bar, it is air conditioned, and the captains are the best in town! Click here to learn more!

Markham Park

The 666-acre Markham Park has more things to do than you can count. There are outdoor 50 yard and 100 meter rifle/pistol ranges and a mile long sporting clay course. After dark on Saturday night, the Fox Observatory, home of the South Florida Amateur Astronomers Associating allows the public to peer at the stars and planets through it’s collection of large telescopes.

Museum Of Discovery And Science

Not to be missed is the Museum of Discovery and Science where there are 200 hands-on exhibits organized as a playground of the mind with eight specialized areas, each with it’s own theme. There is KidScience, Space Base, Gizmo city, Choose Health, Gizmo City, Florida EcoScapes, and an area for traveling exhibits.

Whichever of these outdoor activities Fort Lauderdale that you choose, you’re sure to have fun in the lively atmosphere in Fort Lauderdale, FL!