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Segway Tours in Fort Lauderdale

Segway Tours in Fort Lauderdale – Top Vacation Activity

One great experience is by taking Segway tours in Fort Lauderdale. Rated on as one of the top activities in Fort Lauderdale, come for a 5-10 mile ride and see all that this beautiful city has to offer! You will find out that riding a Segway feels much like skiing. During a training session, you will be taught to turn while moving. In this particular case, you will shift your body side by side, keeping it aligned with your handle bars. If done properly, you will feel the shifting of your motion not just by leaning forward, but also by the weight distribution within your feet.  To watch a video on how to ride a Segway, click here.

Fort Lauderdale Segway Tours

If you’re looking for unique activities in Fort Lauderdale, this is for you. Be prepared to see the whole city, because on a 2 hour tour, roughly 10 miles will be covered. With Segway tours in Fort Lauderdale, you will get to experience the thrill of riding a machine that is connected to your body motion, making it nearly effortless to get around. Segway tour riders will get to see Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk, downtown areas, and residential areas. Catch some celebrities homes of people such as Mr. Yuengling, and Mr. Huizenga. You even get to take a ride up the most amazing bridge here, the 17th street causeway bridge! You’ll even get to experience full speed!

What is so special about the Segway? One will not be able to answer this question until he or she steps on one, a second generation model to be specific (i2 or X2). This is because the Segway is a very special machine that operates off body motion. To move you lean forward, and to stop you lean back. The novelty second generation Segway provides a feeling like no other device known to man, and uniquely registers your motion one hundred times per second, making it one of the smartest vehicles in the world. Below, we will cover some very interesting facts about the Segway, its history, and the best places to ride second generation Segways in South Florida.

Things to know about the Segway PT i2 & X2

Some of the best things about a Segway come after you make a purchase. This is because the Segway requires very little maintenance, and is battery operated. Therefore, you do not need to pay for gas, or conduct any oil changes. If taken care of properly, there should be a minimal amount of maintenance performed until around 5,000 miles. With a Segway i2 and a battery that is in solid condition, you should get anywhere from 20-25 miles. With an X2, you will get between 10-12 miles. The main differences between these two Segways is that the X2 has off-road tires that can go in all types of terrain, including the sand on the beach. But don’t get too close to the salt water, because that could really corrode the machine. If you plan on riding on smooth surfaces just like on Segway tours in Fort Lauderdale, we recommend the i2 because it gets more distance, and it costs roughly $500 less than the X2. The retail price of a brand new Segway i2 is roughly $6,500, and X2 is $7,000.

 How fast does a Segway go?

A Segway travels at a consistent speed of 12.5 mph. If you lean your body so far forward to where the Segway pulls back, you can hit 13.3, but we can advise you that it is not a comfortable feeling and it is not safe. Follow proper safety procedures and never have your body lean so far forward to where your touching the handle bars. If all safety procedure are performed, riding Segways is a very fun outdoor activity in Fort Lauderdale.

History of the Segway

The Segway PT dates back to July of 1999 when Dean Kamen, the inventor, released the product. He had stated that it would revolutionize the world and the way that people get around. Even though some people say that it was a failure, his mission is still in the works. Within the past 5 years, Segway tour companies around the world have developed to be some of the most popular vacation activities available for families and couples of all ages. The first generation model was on the market first, built with an awkward, unnatural steering capability. There was a throttle to turn, and not a lean-steer frame. In 2006, the second generation i2 and now X2 off-road model was released. This was a revolutionary breakthrough to the Segway industry, and Segway had fixed something that everyone was waiting for. Now being 100% natural, it was one of the greatest inventions to this day. Many people have experienced this by taking Segway tours in Fort Lauderdale!

Now companies around the world not only use the Segway for tours, but also as security guards, airport workers, city police officers, marketing managers, mail men, and even parking enforcement. As of now, we have seen multiple uses for the Segway, and the future will only tell where it takes us!